Monday, March 4, 2013

So, how unbreakable is this code I've come up with?

So I came up with a new form (to my knowledge) of code last night. 
It has obvious cryptographic applications, and fascinatingly can also be applied to programming language.   
The beauty of this is it's affinity for randomness. Any symbol can be used, and the values, while still somewhat a defined set, have an almost infinite number of variations available. (Hint1)

I need your help to see how "unbreakable" it is, so here is this baby's first foray into the wild...

These kinds of things can command high prices, and I'd like to have an idea of it's integrity before shopping it around!

So all of you who have any skill or interest in this area, please try and crack my code!

It's in English, a quote from a philosopher who lived 2500 years ago in Asia, and it's one sentence. (Hint2)

Here's a pastebin of it so you can copy and paste in a text editor to better have at it :

Have fun!

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