Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hackintosh = Alchemy

What is Alchemy? Essentially, it is taking a variable of +1 and making it +2 with mostly the original ingredients. As above so below. All molecules are just @ different evolutionary stages of organization, otherwise every molecule is basically the same stuff organized in a different pattern. Hence the physics defying +1=1+1 . Such is the virtually virus free, super stable hackintosh. You take good hardware and merge it with superior software and you get more than you started with, you catch my drift?

This remains,
On the SouthSide of Chicago, for now.


  1. hey where do you live? Can I send in my netbook so you can hackintosh it? I dont have the time and I am willing to pay 30 bucks or so... email me at

  2. I know you you fake

  3. Lol seems like I'm the only one in Chicago doing this so you might know me... Why so anonymous with the name calling? The least you can do is man up and identify yourself.


    Hi David! I'd be glad to help you create a Hackintosh but due to the time it takes to do so (each system requires it's own in depth research, and usually some hours of trial and error) I would be charging you a bit more than $30. That said, I'd be willing to take cash and a trade for some tech you no longer use, or even just a really good trade.... Let's see... Got a high definition camera you're not using much? Make me an offer, I'm a reasonable guy :)