Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hp mini triple boot running Final Cut Pro! W/ how to

As promised, here is my walk through on building a three operating system netbook, in this case the HP mini 1010nr. First, a video of my setup: XP, 0SX 10.5.8, Ubuntu Studio "intrepid"

Setting up Xp is easy, as it comes bundled with the mini. The hackint0sh is a bit more involved, and I used both a written guide and a youtube video to assist me.
The guide can be found here: Hp mini osx install guide
The video here: HP mini osx install video pt.1 of 2

Ubuntu Studio worked out of the box with the exception of wifi. The install was painless and was guided by a dialogue much like a Windows setup wizard. To enable wifi, I had to download these packages and all their dependencies from the Ubuntu repository on my hackint0sh:
1.) Network Manager

Install both packages in Ubuntu, and load the bcm43xx driver bundled with Ubuntu Studio. Be sure the packages are for your particular version! I run "intrepid" and had to use the packages for "hardy". They work just fine. Reboot and click on the new network manager app in your panel bar. If you can't see it, right click and choose "add to panel". Wireless should now be working.

Now for the Final Cut Studio install. This information is to the best of my knowledge found nowhere else on the web in a single place. It took quite some research. Your welcome :)

If you have FCP studio 2, you can go ahead with a standard install, just ignore the warnings of the requirements checker. FCP will hang though when launched so skip ahead to the hack.

If you have FCP studio 3, the requirements checker will not allow you to install at all. You need an easy to use program called Pacifist (google it), which will allow you to install Mac programs without the requirements check. Pacifist is also an optional application you can have installed while making your mini a mac if you use the version of Leopard suggested in the tutorial.

Once you've done that, it's time to enable the app to actually load and be useable. Open your applications folder in finder. Now, right click on Final Cut Pro and choose "show package contents". Open contents->resources->minisys.plist in any text editor. Now change these values: scroll down to AELMinimumscreenres and change the resolution value to 1024x600. Scroll to AELMinimumvram and change the value from 128 to 64. If you get any other warnings or it still hangs try adjusting the other values in the plist. Save the modified file and try out your FCP install!

This also works on real Macs that don't meet the minimum requirements to run the program. Speed is fine for me, and is actually faster than my old iMac was with render times! You may have to repeat this procedure to enable Motion as well. It works just the same, just modify the Motion plist.

Hp mini 1010nr - refurbished
1.6 ghz intel atom proccessor
2gb ram
intel gma950 graphics
8gb internal pata ssd - win xp
8gb mini usb - ubuntu studio
16gb sdhc - osx 10.5.8
320gb 7200rpm external usb drive - osx 10.5.8 - used for video projects for the storage size increase and faster read/write speed

Note: If you are going to try this, make sure you have a copy of Leopard that you bought and own. I got mine with my real Mac. It is ethically wrong and probably of questionable legality to have the hacked version of Leopard used in this procedure unless it's used as a "backup" for your legally purchased version.

I hope this tutorial has opened up new creative possibilities for you with your technology. Feel free to post any questions or comments, and happy film making!

From the South Side of Chicago,


  1. Thank you for posting this. I've been searching for plain English instructions to get OS X and FCP installed on an AMD computer. Hopefully, I can use what you have brought together here to accomplish that. Also thanks for posting a reply to the year old forum thread even though you were criticized for doing so, or I would not have found this. You need to find a way to get more priority in the search engines.

  2. You're welcome!
    When I discovered the work-around I immediately posted to the forums of the first ten google results for "hackintosh final cut" as I spent countless hours myself forum crawling for an answer to no avail, and wanted to save others in the community the trouble.

    Hey, if you do find CLEAR ENGLISH instructions on hackintosh-ing AMD cpu's would you come back and post a link? Got a Presario desktop that needs the treatment, and little time for research these days :) .

    Good luck with your project, and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions! I hardly ever get a chance to update this blog, but I do log in and check for comments regularly.
    And you're right, I do have to help the S.E. crawler bots out a little...

  3. man, you are awesome! i installed a hackintosh (licensed snow leopard) successfuly but cant install a working fcp. is it bec i just downloaded it from torrent? sorry bout that. thanks so much!

    I know this post is a while but stays relevant as always.

    SE Asia

  4. Hi Mayeeta! What sort of problem are you running into with FCP? The file might be corrupt or it could be another issue, what are your specs? I'd be glad to help :)