Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Canon SX40 HS & Toshiba Lion Hackintosh!

I must say I love my New Canon SX40 !

CMOS sensor and the all new DIGIC V, running the Canon Hack Development kit, CHDK (found HERE ) which enables taking RAW photos make this better than any DSLR to me.
The lens with 35x stabilized optical zoom takes excellent macro and telephoto pictures, Full HD 1080p, iFrame and 720p as well as VGA slow motion, and these are just some of the available options for video.
This thing is a beast!
Check out my new flickr photostream in the right column, or HERE -all the photos were taken with this beautiful tool.

Please note: if anyone is interested in working on the capability to vary the fps while shooting video with the SX40 or other Canon cameras, please contact me by leaving a comment. This is a project I'm working on singlehandedly at the moment as none of the devs at the CHDK forums are interested in the enhancement... Unfortunately CHDK focuses almost exclusively on picture taking enhancements, as opposed to video enhancements like the Magic Lantern firmware ) for 5D's and similar DSLR's.
The M.L. community have made some progress to vary video framerates, but are not quite there yet.

And yes, those are the craters on the moon!
(the original photos' size is 4000x3000, but flickr image size is set to 1024x768 @ largest resolution so the images won't display as sharply as the originals)


I've got Lion up and running on my Toshiba Satellite a205 - s508 successfully!


Yes I love my HacShiba! Gonna be testing FCP X (which I hear nothing but bad things about) and the new Motion (which I hear nothing but good things about) when I buy the program (soon).

If anyone is interested in a tutorial for the Canon CHDK or how to Lionize your own HacShiba, drop me a line in comments and I'll be glad to write one up.

The only tutorials on the net for the a205 are for Leopard and with custom distributions, so to get Lion running I had to try a few different things so everything would work.

Hope your projects are just as successful!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hackintosh = Alchemy

What is Alchemy? Essentially, it is taking a variable of +1 and making it +2 with mostly the original ingredients. As above so below. All molecules are just @ different evolutionary stages of organization, otherwise every molecule is basically the same stuff organized in a different pattern. Hence the physics defying +1=1+1 . Such is the virtually virus free, super stable hackintosh. You take good hardware and merge it with superior software and you get more than you started with, you catch my drift?

This remains,
On the SouthSide of Chicago, for now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your Video!!!

Anyone produced a video with your new capabilities yet?
I see I've got pageviews from all over the world, part of what I was trying to accomplish was to allow those without the greatest resources to be able to get their movie making vision out.
If I've helped you install FCP on an unsupported machine and you've subsequently been able to produce a video that looks like the picture in your minds eye because of it, please post a link to it in the comments section!
Love Peace Stability and Harmony,
From the SouthSide of Chicago,
I Remain,

A video

Time out for a video I've recently edited on my hackintosh. Check it out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick post!

Just wanted to show off the newest member of my hackintosh family, an HP Mini 311, with ION graphics! Yes, that means a clean final cut install, with no hacking required. Running 10.6.6. snow leopard and capable of handling HD!  3GB of DDR3 installed.
I'll follow with a complete how-to shortly. Any questions please feel free to ask, though I do believe LeMaurien19 has the clearest install guide in the community, with lots of tips and troubleshooting in the comments section.
See here: Hp mini 311 install guide