Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is Disturbing New Trend

Welcome to the reccesion!

I'm known as 051R15, Alchemist and Metaphysician.

I was made aware today that I was NOT selected for a "dream" position with Apple computer.
 Quite disturbing, actually, as I'm underemployed currently, and minimum wage is not a living wage at all, and it's looking like me, and my wonderful puppy Buddha, may soon be literally homeless.
Not to fear though! On doing the numerology for this blog, I ran into the number 555 - meaning a message of change that must not be ignored.

Welcome to Disturbing New Trend! Given the circumstances, my first true post will be a guide on how I got my technology to do exactly what I needed it to do despite a shoestring budget. Most of the electronics consumers buy off the shelf can be modified to do much more than the manufacturer  originally intended.

Be on the lookout later today for my walk through on how I overcame the shortcomings of my main computer (an HP Mini 1000 series netbook) and hackint0shed it, triple booting XP, OSX Leopard, & Ubuntu Studio, and installed and successfully run Final Cut Studio 3 with performance equal to or surpassing a G5 desktop. There will be a video, edited on my box with FCP, to go along with it.
Note: It is possible for a Vista/7- Snow Leopard configuration, this is just my preferred configuration. XP and Leopard run nearly all programs and are have a more intuitive feel to me.

If I get positive feedback, I'll post a step by step guide in non-technical terms on how to easily jailbreak your iPhone iPod or iPad, and do great things with it like run emulators for Sega, Nes, or even Playstation 1.  Even enable video recording and backrounding of apps for 3g devices!

Also, stay tuned as I detail my plan to turn an abandoned lot on the south side of Chicago into a garden home, with a yurt as the main shelter and completely powered by solar energy for only $5000 cost of land and all! I'm actively trying to raise the funds for this project as it would (*finally*) give me a stable place to live, and enable me to have a safe place to focus so I could attend school to further my natural talents and interests (and obtain a job paying a LIVING WAGE), and a workspace for me to develop technology that could potentially change the world for the better.

In 1990, who would have thought we would have hand-held devices that play music, allow us to watch videos and T.V., connect to a vast information network, and even play games? In 1990, these were all separate machines, together weighing well over 100 lbs. It's now 2010, and given the resources I'd like to put a personal ROBOT in everyone's hands in five years time. More on that once I have some sort of patent on the specs, or given adequate resources, even making the project completely open sourced and customizable. Time will tell.

I will also be posting my resume here, as I really want to work, and have some form of security.
I will also put out there that any person or company who would like to collaborate on my project for completely green living in the city (solar powered yurt on former abandoned lot, complete with edible garden) are welcome to participate. If a sponsor could help defer some of the cost I'd happily and with much gusto proclaim from the mountaintops the miracle of their product, and blog all day about how I use it.

Or maybe a professor from a prestigious research institution has a grant to study urban green living or cutting edge alternative energy technology and would like to help make such living possible by being part of my project? I'm statistic friendly, I can assure you.

This would also be a great low budget documentary project, I'd even help you shoot and edit the thing.

I'd like this Blog to be an open space for the expansion of consciousness and the realization of potential. Please, feel free to comment and offer constructive criticism on anything found herein.
This space will house my and hopefully many others' ideas and perspectives. Expect articles on everything ranging from martial arts to gardening, politics to spirituality, and, of course, technology.

As above, so Below
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
Name gives birth to the infinite variety of things
Meditate on the dewdrop, and you may discover the secret of the ocean
From the South Side of Chicago,
I Remain

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  1. Hello 051R15. Since I know you personally, I am aware of the fact that this dream of yours has evolved into something much bigger than you probably imagined when you first posted this on your blog. Well together the two of us can make even your grandest of dreams become a reality. It's an honor to be able to join you on the journey from where you are to where you want to be and I promise to assist you in every way possible as you seek out your dream. Peace and Blessings be with you. All it takes is a dream to be able to have a dream come true.