Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Canon SX40 HS & Toshiba Lion Hackintosh!

I must say I love my New Canon SX40 !

CMOS sensor and the all new DIGIC V, running the Canon Hack Development kit, CHDK (found HERE ) which enables taking RAW photos make this better than any DSLR to me.
The lens with 35x stabilized optical zoom takes excellent macro and telephoto pictures, Full HD 1080p, iFrame and 720p as well as VGA slow motion, and these are just some of the available options for video.
This thing is a beast!
Check out my new flickr photostream in the right column, or HERE -all the photos were taken with this beautiful tool.

Please note: if anyone is interested in working on the capability to vary the fps while shooting video with the SX40 or other Canon cameras, please contact me by leaving a comment. This is a project I'm working on singlehandedly at the moment as none of the devs at the CHDK forums are interested in the enhancement... Unfortunately CHDK focuses almost exclusively on picture taking enhancements, as opposed to video enhancements like the Magic Lantern firmware ) for 5D's and similar DSLR's.
The M.L. community have made some progress to vary video framerates, but are not quite there yet.

And yes, those are the craters on the moon!
(the original photos' size is 4000x3000, but flickr image size is set to 1024x768 @ largest resolution so the images won't display as sharply as the originals)


I've got Lion up and running on my Toshiba Satellite a205 - s508 successfully!


Yes I love my HacShiba! Gonna be testing FCP X (which I hear nothing but bad things about) and the new Motion (which I hear nothing but good things about) when I buy the program (soon).

If anyone is interested in a tutorial for the Canon CHDK or how to Lionize your own HacShiba, drop me a line in comments and I'll be glad to write one up.

The only tutorials on the net for the a205 are for Leopard and with custom distributions, so to get Lion running I had to try a few different things so everything would work.

Hope your projects are just as successful!


  1. Cool picking up my cam in a couple weeks will post some video info

  2. Please do -not too many people have this camera yet so the community has to work together to make sure we get all we can out of it!

  3. hey, i also have a canon sx40 and want to increase 1080p to 30fps and 720p to 60fps...

    Can you update me on how that is coming along?


  4. Well, Oscar, not too good.
    I've been super busy working on a music video, and the rest of the community that can do this stuff has a lack of interest, either because they don't own a D!gic 5 camera or are not interested in video.
    It will take a few of us who are interested to come together and do what we can. I've made a few inroads but no cigar as of now. Here is the forum discussion with the experts and the back and forth we had :

    There are a few good links in here to get started, but as they suggested, there is no going it alone on this one. So, glad to have your interest on this!
    Maybe we can work together on the problem?
    My work around so far has been to clone frames in post and then up the frame rate, but this is time consuming and still not as good as native 60fps. The iFrame mode on our camera though is @ 30fps, and about as clear as 720p. Keep me posted, and let me know how it's going!

    1. Hi, did you ever manage to get 60fps working in 720p or 1080p? I'd buy this camera right away if you did.

  5. have you made any progress on adjusting the fps for video?

  6. Glad I found you. I have the sx40hs, a toshiba L305D-S5895, and a Leopard Imac. I have seen nothing indicating that my toshiba can be hackshib'd so to speak. Any idea if this is a possibility or not? I'd love to dump make this a real travel machine, but now, it's just windows.....

  7. Well, it looks like your machine has an AMD processor, which is harder to hackintosh because Apple uses Intel hardware. You need what's called a "legacy kernal" and patience. I'll be attempting it this month on the AMD presario I mentiond in a previous post. It's the only AMD machine I own, but it is a desktop so swapping out parts should make things easier to play together. I'll definitely make a post of it with pictures soon. Good luck and keep me posted

    Everyone else: no go yet on the 60 fps, I kind of dropped the project for a little while, but will be giving a dedicated go at it in a few months, when I can devote the proper time


    This link is a pretty good start to an AMD hackintosh.