Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hip Hop Legends, scary movies made in my kitchen...

Just wanted to throw up some recent videos of mine.




Let me know what you think!


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gallery Pieces Bring Fine Art to Your Surroundings

Hello, world!

I've recently decided to make select pieces of Disturbing New Trend's photography available for purchase.

Framed prints, stretched canvas', metal prints, greeting cards and much more.

Redirect your Chi flow!

Fung Shui your space!

Make your home a museum of modern art!


You can contact me for your own hand-coded website as well anytime. Color scheme, graphics, and cutting edge web technologies combine to bring your vision across in novel and unique ways. Check out my site @

Or, if you prefer a more established brand, with a larger support team, you can get one made from these fine folks as well:

Artist Websites

Also, check out my upcoming show at Double Door Chicago March 14th!
-[Come out and support one of your favorite photographers!

I'll be exhibiting and offering pieces for sale as part of RAW:natural born artists - GENERATION
Art showcase!

Even if you're not that into awesome photo's, there's something for everyone....

Musicians, Painters, Videographers, Photographers, Clothing designers , MUA'S, Burlesque and Improv performances, and more come together to bring you a night of Chicago's bleeding edge talent!

Check it out here:

Anyone who comes out to support is going out with me afterwords and we're having a celebratory photoshoot!

If you like the art, or would like to BE the art, you don't want to miss out.

Purchase your tickets on my RAW profile, just go to:

and click "purchase a ticket for this artist" in the top center of the screen.

Hope to see you all there!

Love, Peace, Blessings and Stability to all my family.]-

Hosted by the talented Tom Fell and the master of mixin' music, DJ Flip the Skript.

Cocktail Attire Encouraged
$10 pre-sale, $15 at the door
To buy tickets:


Escape Artists
The Buckshot Hounds
Chestnut Brown

Jun Nagano

Deonte Scott
Jay Washington

Jessica White
Kevin's Cutouts
Bryan Moss
Megan Vankanegan
Jennifer Laur'en
Kate Rosendale
Terry Tayler

Disturbing New Trend
Paris Smith Photography
Atryllic Photography
Garrett Mestas
Meredith Gerber
John Jung
Jon Coffin
Martha Kubica

Shane Adam

Emily Siegel

Fabulously Daring Fashion

Monday, March 4, 2013

So, how unbreakable is this code I've come up with?

So I came up with a new form (to my knowledge) of code last night. 
It has obvious cryptographic applications, and fascinatingly can also be applied to programming language.   
The beauty of this is it's affinity for randomness. Any symbol can be used, and the values, while still somewhat a defined set, have an almost infinite number of variations available. (Hint1)

I need your help to see how "unbreakable" it is, so here is this baby's first foray into the wild...

These kinds of things can command high prices, and I'd like to have an idea of it's integrity before shopping it around!

So all of you who have any skill or interest in this area, please try and crack my code!

It's in English, a quote from a philosopher who lived 2500 years ago in Asia, and it's one sentence. (Hint2)

Here's a pastebin of it so you can copy and paste in a text editor to better have at it :

Have fun!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Remote camera shutter - CHDK friendly

Disturbing New Trend 's -Disturbing Nu Technology- division presents ~

The Nano 1.0 remote camera shutter switch for the distinguished photographer...

The essence of luxury, a gentle push focuses your camera as your heart skips a beat... This is it! The no vibration, tack sharp photo that will define you as an artist. A second push and your masterpiece has been captured for the world to admire.

This high quality, precision piece is compatible with any camera that has an audio jack or USB input, and comes in an array of dazzling colors.

Compare to the manufacturer version that starts @ $40 and is camera specific.

Hand crafted in Chicago by Disturbing New Trend 

CHDK / Magic Lantern compatible

$15 - Shipping included if in the U.S. , outside of the states please contact me for shipping rates with your location.

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